Custom Embroidery and Digitizing Services
I have a commercial embroidery machine and I do custom embroidery. Contact me with requests or for more information

My granddaughter likes to draw. I digitized some of her drawings and embroidered them onto fabric and made her a blanket for Christmas. These are a few of the images.

More images I digitzed for a blanket

Embroider Buddies. I have a large variety so contact me if you are looking for something specific

Customized Bags and Shirts

Tea Towels and Customer Projects

I can do custom digitizing of most images and I also have a variety of already digitized images that I can put on any product that will fit in a hoop. If I can hoop it, I can stitch it. If you are interested in embroidery services and pricing, contact me. Standard pricing is approximately $1 per thousand stitches so if you are curious what it would cost to stitch an image, it depends on the size and stitch count. If you look at the Lion shirt shown above, that would cost about $40 for the embroidery. The Teddy Love Bag would be around $60 plus cost of the bag. The Embroider Buddies are about $8 to stitch plus cost of the stuffed animal. These are just estimates and actual prices would depend on the request, but this will give you an idea. Digitizing services are free if you purchase a stitched product with the digitized image. Contact me if you are interested.